Legacy Quest Demo

The Legacy Quest Demo is an opportunity to experience what Legacy Quest has to offer, at no charge.  Guide your Little Stonefoot through 4 progressively more difficult levels to get a small taste of the rage-inducing game play waiting for you in the full game.  Be aware, the demo falls a little more or little less than 10 minutes of game play on average.  It's short.

The demo contains all features of the full game (minus some UI elements) with 4 SMB inspired levels not found in the full game.  The demo supports WASD, Arrow Keys, and Gamepad controls to accommodate more players.  All game play, artwork, animations, sound, and music are created by Noble Valerian.

If you enjoyed the demo and want more action, grab the full version of Legacy Quest for only $1.00!  The full version features 20 levels, and all the same features and input support found in the demo.  Thanks for checking out my demo page  :)

Note:  You can now play this demo in the browser and in the itch.io app.  You also have the option to download a 32-bit or 64-bit installer, and you also have the option to download the 2016 version of the Legacy Quest Demo created with GameMaker to compare how much the current Demo has improved over the 2016 version.  The 2016 version has limited features and 10 small levels.


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LegacyQuestDemo_Installer(64Bit).exe 67 MB
LegacyQuestDemo_Installer(32Bit).exe 64 MB
LegacyQuestDemo_GM(2016).exe 14 MB

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The gamepad can only start play... buttons need maps. It's a decent demo app. Looking forward to an update.

Thank you for your feedback.  The demo will not receive any updates, and the full version can be found here:  https://noblevalerian.itch.io/legacyquest.  I'm not quite sure what you mean about the gamepad, but I'll see if I can help.  Keyboard layout with WASD is the default, but if you press Tab (Menu) you can select WASD, Arrows, or Gamepad controls with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the keyboard (may not work with numpad numbers).  The control scheme selected shows the number in a green box with a graphic of the control layout.  If you press (A) on a gamepad while in WASD mode, it does unfortunately start the game (something I overlooked, and probably won't fix), but the controls in game won't work unless you change them in the menu (Tab). 


My short Gameplay ;)

Nice!  Thanks for sharing.  Did you like it?  If you'd rather give no rating than a bad one, I won't complain  :P  I'm hoping it's not too brutal, the later levels in the full game are a bit more frustrating than the last two levels of the demo, that's for sure.

(A link to the download on the video would be greatly appreciated.)


It was all right. I only played the Demo so I won't give a rating.