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The gamepad can only start play... buttons need maps. It's a decent demo app. Looking forward to an update.

Thank you for your feedback.  The demo will not receive any updates, and the full version can be found here:  I'm not quite sure what you mean about the gamepad, but I'll see if I can help.  Keyboard layout with WASD is the default, but if you press Tab (Menu) you can select WASD, Arrows, or Gamepad controls with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the keyboard (may not work with numpad numbers).  The control scheme selected shows the number in a green box with a graphic of the control layout.  If you press (A) on a gamepad while in WASD mode, it does unfortunately start the game (something I overlooked, and probably won't fix), but the controls in game won't work unless you change them in the menu (Tab). 


My short Gameplay ;)

Nice!  Thanks for sharing.  Did you like it?  If you'd rather give no rating than a bad one, I won't complain  :P  I'm hoping it's not too brutal, the later levels in the full game are a bit more frustrating than the last two levels of the demo, that's for sure.

(A link to the download on the video would be greatly appreciated.)


It was all right. I only played the Demo so I won't give a rating.